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I think this means we’re friends. Creepy friends. #cats #catsoflondon #catsofinstagram #blackcat #cateyes

Ready for a little bit of self-portraiture with @kiri_kmua 😌 (at Starbucks UK)

I love that there’s a cat on my bed but I’m not sure what to do with it. I want to keep her with me. But she’s not supposed to sneak in here. But she DID. ???? #cats #catsofinstagram #catsoflondon

Right back where we started from, Califooorniaaaaaaa (I’m not in California. But the emotions are true. @underthisweather) #starbucks #belsizepark #primrosehill #london #rainy #vscocam

Found me. #starbucks #macbook #dolovethisone but I kind of miss the South End Rd one already. I got attached to the baristas. Still walking distance though. Could still go sometimes. Like whenever I can pick up the towel I left on Fleet Rd. *pout*

Oh yeah - nothing went wrong. I moved!!!!!!!!!

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New print up for grabs on my Etsy shop #belsizepark #london #camden #photography


omg you guys, Tiana was partially based on a real person!

I was watching a show about pies, and they had Leah Chase talking about the history of sweet potato pies, and she’s actually really famous for her pies.  Michael Jackson loved her pies.  Julia Child asked permission to put her sweet potato pie recipe in one of her books.  Julia Child

And kudos to Disney for researching her and incorporating her into Tiana.  I never knew this.  It just makes this movie more awesome I guess.

Born in 1923, Chase is the kitchen wizard behind New Orleans’ staple restaurant Dooky Chase. “My first job in New Orleans was working as a waitress at a restaurant. That was the 1940s, when it was almost unheard of for a young black girl, a so-called Creole of Color, to go and work in the French Quarter. That was a no-no,” she says. “But I loved it. You see, it was segregation, and I had never seen the inside of a restaurant in my life. … I loved waiting on people. I loved seeing people eat. And if you like that, you’re going to go further.”

In 1944, Chase met her husband, Dooky, whose parents ran a small sandwich shop. “I just made it grow. Did what I like to do,” she says. “Stumbled a lot, but that’s what life’s all about. You just stumble and keep going.”

When Disney creators were looking for a story to inspire their new animated film about an African-American princess in New Orleans, it was easy for them to find Chase. “When you do a lot of work in your community, you become known, so somebody probably referred [Disney] to me, and I’m so happy about that,” she says. “Now everybody wants to be Tiana. I think it’s fantastic. When I came up, being a cook was nothing. It’s just lately that we have chefs coming into their own. Back then, people would look at you, especially if you were a black woman, and say: ‘Oh, you just a cook. That’s it.’ But now, being a chef is It.”

I was so happy to learn this so I thought to share.


Just finished ADR (voice over) for my new movie Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List with our AMAZING director. I’m so excited for this movie you guys. I’m so proud of it & it’s such a great story. Can’t wait for you to see it!! Xoxox Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List


Feel like I’ve earned the right to post a gratuitous #selfie by virtue of existing. Last Sat with @bethanyowenmua(’s hand and brush and #makeup).